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What is Phonometric Examination?

That of noise pollution is a theme that, for some years now, Italy has also become very sensitive. A series of regulations have followed both at European and national level with the aim of protecting the environment from disturbing noises that can disrupt rest and other human activities, as well as pose a danger to health. To this end, the Italian law, which has followed Community legislation imposing limits on noise emissions, has imposed on all potentially noisy activities to be in possession of the noise impact, document issued by Common, without which an activity cannot be initiated.

This prohibition is issued after evaluation of the acoustic impact by a competent technician, to whom it will have to provide the company with its pockets. The framework Law on noise pollution, no 447 of 1995, presents guidelines on the protection of the environment from noise pollution and regulates the acoustic impact assessment. First of all, all activities such as discotheques, private clubs, sports and recreational facilities and public exercises with noisy facilities or for playing music are to be presented. Have an obligation to present the acoustic impact assessment also:

-Restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias, bars;
-Recreational activities;
-Farms activity;
-Cultural and entertainment activities;
-Game rooms;
-Bathing establishments.

The above structures, however, must use sound diffusion facilities or carry out events with music diffusion or the use of musical instruments. To draw up the assessment, as said, must be a competent technician in acoustics and vibrations that will carry out the expertise using a meter, an instrument used to detect the acoustic pressure. Its operation is in some ways similar to that of the human ear: the sound is converted into an electrical signal and then measured by weighting filter. The meter will also allow to calculate the equivalent continuous sound level, i.e. the average sound level that a constant noise, emitted however by an intermittent source, should produce. The cost of a phonometric expertise with its technical report and graphic results signed by the manager is about 800 euros.

Once you have the expertise you can present it to the municipality in order to obtain the clearance. Each administration will have a different procedure that involves compiling a more or less long series of documents resulting in a variation in timing. At the end of the process, if all the cards are in order, the clearance will be released, without which it is impossible to start the new task.

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